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AHA Instructor Program

Interested in becoming an instructor? Please read the following steps carefully. 

Step 1: Application and Instructor Essentials Online Course

Prior to taking the Instructor Course, you must submit an AHA Instructor Candidate Application. Please ensure that you put down the e-mail address you intend on using for your American Heart Association Instructor Account.  Purchase your essentials key, register for the course, order your materials, and pay your affiliation fee.


Next you will complete the Instructor Essentials Online Course and bring your Course Completion Certificate to class with you.

Step 2: Affiliation

Affiliation, also referred to as Alignment, is NOT employment. You are contracting with a Training Center to maintain your records, issue your cards, keep you updated on AHA changes, provide your instructor re-certification, and be your support system for AHA. Most Instructors align with the Training Center that is providing their course. In this case, once your fees are paid and you have registered, you will read and sign our policy agreement, and EMT Associates will handle your file, issue your cards, and help you with any questions. If you are taking the course with EMT Associates but affiliating with another Training Center you will need to submit a letter of acceptance from the other Training Center along with your registration. EMT Associates will submit your course completion paperwork to the other Training Center.

Step 3: Instructor Classroom Course

The course is 8 hours (including lunch break). You will cover the AHA Course Outlines, target audience and completion requirements, along with watching the required course DVDs and understanding the Instructor Manual. The Training Center Instructor will go through the steps of becoming a successful Instructor, the required materials, and procedures for AHA and for EMT Associates Training Center. Throughout the course you will be demonstrating your ability to correctly and effectively perform BLS Skills and provide instruction and correction to students. At the end of the day you must pass the written exam for each discipline you intend to teach.

What to Bring to Class:

  • Copy of active BLS and/or HeartSaver provider card

  • Essentials Course Completion Certificate

  • Instructor Manual

Step 4: Mentor/Monitor

Before you are released to teach on your own, you will choose a date to teach alongside an experienced Instructor. One course is required, but you may choose to do more until you feel prepared to teach solo. A Training Center Faculty member will observe (monitor) your first solo course to make sure that you have the appropriate equipment, training materials, paperwork, and you are prepared to teach independently.

All 4 steps MUST be successfully completed before you can receive your Instructor Card.

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