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Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid is emergency care when delayed transit and limited resources are an issue- any time you are in the back country, a rural area or a developing nation.

Are you hours away from a hospital?

Are the roads snowed in?

Have you backpacked hours away from rescue?

Are the only medical resources what you carry on your back?

Then you need Wilderness First Aid!

This 16+ hour course is for those who are in remote areas – away from the usual EMS services. The course expands general first aid to give more detailed information and hands-on skills practice for the remote setting – using what you will find in your backpack to care for patients.  The ESCI Wilderness First Aid class covers assessment and urgent first aid techniques.


The ESCI Wilderness First Aid is accepted at Philmont by the Boy Scouts of America.


An optional Bee Sting class for the use of EPI pen will be offered at the end of class. It is limited to ages 21 and over and is the Oregon State Mandated Class. An additional fee is charged.


Intended Audience

A minimum age of 14 is recommended. CPR is required and will be reviewed on the first day of class.

If you need CPR, add 2+ hours for AHA Certification.

Course Content


  • Emergency Action Steps: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Environment, (A, B, C, D, E); Secondary assessment, documentation.

  • Types of Delayed-Help Situations: when to evacuate; long term care

  • Medical Emergencies: Heart, Respiratory; Abdominal, Brain, Bites, Stings

  •  High Altitude Illnesses; Burns, Lightning Strikes, Submersion Incidents

  • Temperature related Illnesses; Wounds, Muscle & Bone injuries, blisters

  • Treatments, Intervention, Tourniquets, First Aid Kits


Wilderness First Aid for Boy Scouts

NEW FROM ECSI: Customized materials for Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid!

ESCI is pleased to announce a new venture with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to develop training materials based on their new Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines. A Wilderness First Aid Field Guide is available now and a customized Boy Scouts Of America First Aid Instructor ToolKit CD.

Based on BAS’s 16-hour Wilderness First Aid Curriculum, ESCI’s new Wilderness First Aid Guide  and Boys Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Instructors ToolKit CD meet and exceed course requirements and address everything individuals need to know to provide medical care in remote areas.




Certification lasts for two years and will include CPR review.


Materials Provided

Wilderness First Aid: book available for use in class and for purchase

Bandaging and splinting materials – from your pack, bring your walking pole!

Intro to the use of EPI pens 

This portion of the course is optional, and only for those 18 years and older. 

This course may be done by request. For more information and to schedule a course please contact EMT ASSOCIATES AT (541) 844-1328 or by e-mail at

This course can also be scheduled by request throughout the year. 

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