New TNCC 8th Edition Instructions

Effective August 1, 2019

Also ENA price increase


Enroll with EMT Associates. MANDATORY LEGIBLE name and email address

  •  EMT Assoc. will send this to ENA

  •  You MUST have a BOOK as this is a flipped classroom with few lectures & you will be doing online modules

         EMT Assoc. will send your info to ENA

 ENA will send you a registration email (look in your spam folder, do not auto delete spam)

You will click on the ENA link to register with ENA and create your account for the online modules.

Complete the online modules and PRINT the certificate of completion.  Bring to class. This is your ticket to attend the class.

If the online modules are not completed PRIOR to class, ENA will NOT allow you to attend the class.  (No, you can’t do it during the class).

If you have not completed the modules you will be unable to attend – and there are NO refunds. 

Our standard policy for transfers or refunds requires more than 5 business days of notification.

Late registration, less than 5 business days, will NOT be possible as we need to notify ENA, they need to issue your online key and you need to complete the modules, as well as read the book, before attending.

You must attend the entire class and pass the skills section before your name is submitted to ENA.  ENA will then email your link for the written test (it is not taken at class).  The written test is an online, open book test with a 2 hour time limit.  You are allowed 2 attempts.  The online post exam MUST be completed within 7 days of the course.

Upon successful completion, ENA will send a link to the student for their TNCC card.  It is the student’s responsibility to show the card to their employer as proof of successful completion.

New TNCC 8th Edition Provider Course Talking Points


What’s changed: as of August 1, 2019


With the Flipped classroom teaching methodology, the students must have access to the 8th Edition Provider Manual with ample time to read it prior to class. Preorder books through EMT Associates:  541-844-1328


Students will NOT be allowed to attend the course if the pre-course / online modules are not completed.  They must print a copy of the completion certificate as their ticket to enter the class.


Students will still register with EMT Associates first (EMT Associates registration form and payment).  EMT Associates must have the student’s correct name and current email address in order to send to ENA.


Each student will receive a registration email from ENA.  The student will need to click the link in the email to register for the course with ENA and create an ENA account in order to do the online modules.


If the online modules are not completed, ENA will not allow the student to attend the course.   EMT Associates will consider him/her a “no show” with no refund given.


At the end of the 2nd day and upon the student’s successful completion of the skills section of the class

EMT Associates will notify ENA who will then send a link to the student for the written test.


The written test is an online, open book test.  The online examination MUST be completed within 7 days of the course.  The student is allowed 2 hours to complete the test.  The student is allowed two opportunities to successfully complete the test.  If the student passes, ENA will send them a link to their TNCC card.   It is the student’s responsibility to show the card to their employer as proof they attended and successfully passed the course.




New Process at a Glance (updated procedure per National ENA)

Student MUST:

  1. Enroll with EMT Associates

  2.  Read the 8th edition TNCC book

  3. Complete the online pre-course modules assigned by ENA

  4. Attend the two day course and pass the practical skills

  5. Take the online written exam and pass

  6. Provide employer with TNCC completion card