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Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

Accurate assessment of a child with an acute illness or injury requires special knowledge and skills. ENPC gives nurses the tools to provide expert care for patients from birth to adolescence by covering:

  • Pediatric Assessment Triangle

  • Early Intervention

  • Family Presence

ENA developed the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course to establish a standardized body of pediatric emergency nursing knowledge and to improve the care of all pediatric patients. This fourth edition course combines interactive learning with scenario-based assessments to give nurses a comprehensive learning experience. The course includes:

  • A Systematic Approach to the Initial Assessment: The first few minutes of medical and trauma care for a young person are critical to achieve better patient outcomes. The A-I mnemonic and the Pediatric Assessment Triangle will assist nurses in providing appropriate and early intervention.  

  • Hands-on Training Using both an Individual and Team Approach: Six teaching scenarios offer nurses the opportunity to practice the systematic approach of the initial assessment in real life situations.  


ENPC certification is valid for four years. 


This is a 2 day intensive course that is taught by expert instructors.

This course is offered by request. Please contact EMT Associates at 541-844-1328 or to schedule this class for yourself or your group. 

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