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Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course

The greatest badge of honor for clinical emergency nursing is to become a Certified Emergency Nurse. Have you always wanted to sit for the CEN® examination, but couldn’t find a class convenient for you?


ENA’s CEN® Review Web Seminar Series offers you the convenience of taking the course anywhere you are—from the comfort of your home or in your office, at a time that is convenient to you. This course is packed with essential information you need to help you prepare for the CEN® exam. This is your chance to earn 18.0 contact hours while preparing to sit for the CEN® exam

The CEN exam is sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association.  Details about specific possible test items in each of these thirteen subject areas can be found online on the BCEN website.  The Certified Emergency Nurse exam is a computer-based examination. It consists of 175 multiple choice questions. 150 of these test items are scored, and 25 items are pretest items.  A passing score is 109.  Thirteen subject areas are covered on the examination.

Topics Include:

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies (21 items) 

  • Gastrointestinal Emergencies (9 items) 

  • Obstetrical, Genitourinary, and Gynecological Emergencies (10 items) 

  • Maxillofacial and Ocular Emergencies (6 items) 

  • Neurological Emergencies (15 items) 

  • Orthopedic Emergencies and Wound Management (13 items) 

  • Psycho/Social (6 items) 

  • Respiratory Emergencies (18 items) 

  • Patient Care Management (9 items) 

  • Substance Abuse/Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies (10 items) 

  • Shock/Multi-System Trauma Emergencies (11 items) 

  • Medical Emergencies/Communicable Diseases (15 items) 

  • Professional Issues (7 items)

This course may be done by request. For more information and to schedule a course please contact EMT ASSOCIATES at (541) 844-1328 or by e-mail at

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