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Experienced Provider

Experienced Provider

The ACLS Experienced Provider (EP) Course is for seasoned ACLS providers who wish to renew their provider status. This course provides a stimulus for clinicians and scientists to identify areas in resuscitation that deal with special circumstances.

For registration Call or Email.

Course Fees  -----  $300


 During 48-Hour Refresher -----  $250

Course Content:

Expands on the core ACLS course with the 5 quadrads approach

Special resuscitation emergencies (e.g., drowning)

Toxicology emergencies

Metabolic emergencies

Deeper knowledge for understanding and treating ACLS patients


Course Features:

Case-based and group-interactive course of focused resuscitation topics

Uses realistic scenarios to present material specific to experienced providers who routinely perform resuscitation

Includes introduction and four learning stations that cover electrolyte abnormalities, cardiovascular, environmental, and toxicological emergencies


American Heart Association ACLS
EP Course Completion Card is valid
for two years. During this classroom-
based course students must complete a
written exam and work with an AHA Instructor
to complete skills practice and skills testing.
​ This course may be done by request.
For more information or to schedule a
course please contact
EMT Associates.

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